Bahrain Development Bank (BDB) is keen to adopt a set of rules and regulations to ensure ease for users while browsing the website or when obtaining information through providing in-depth information and instructions. The website has been designed and implemented in line with the highest international standards as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and based on world leading practices, in order to improve the features of easy access to the website. The BDB Website is subject to a regular evaluation process to determine the extent of compliance with the standards and principles of accessibility and browsing.

Compatibility of BDB website with Internet browsers

The BDB Website is compatible with web browsers like Internet Explorer , Google Chrome , Firefox , Safari and other major Internet browsers. We advise you to update the browser you use on a regular basis to maintain better levels of protection and enable technical features that distinguish the latest versions of browsers.

Responsive Design

The BDB website has been designed using reliable platform coupled with a responsive user interface framework thereby enabling the content and services to be accessed easily by both desktop (Full View) and handheld (Responsive View) devices. With this design, a wider accessibility of information can be delivered from virtually all platforms (desktop to mobile) to its users; ensuring cross platform, brand, and content consistency.

Arabic and English Language:

BDB offers the option of viewing the website in both Arabic and English, enabling its user to choose the most convenient language.

Audio/Video Files

The website varies with its content having both audio and video files that are loaded on external servers, which in return enable users to benefit from the information and news provided by these files, as well as to connect directly to BDB’s official channels on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Open data

BDB website does not only enclose closed data but it also offers some of the data in the form of Excel, and PDF files. In order to be able to view and download PDF files on the BDB Website, which is used to provide various files such as brochures, reports, forms, etc. You could download Acrobat Reader for free through the following link: Download Adobe

Social Networking Sites

The BDB website users can benefit from the latest updates published on BDB’s social networking channels like LinkedIn, Twitter , YouTube , Facebook and Instagram

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