BDB commenced its operations in 1992 as a specialist Bank, BDB activities are focused on financing and development of small and medium businesses in addition to encouraging & supporting the entrepreneurship activities in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Working in-line with Bahrain Economic Vision 2030, BDB adopts a dynamic and effective strategy for stimulating entrepreneurial activity in implementing its plans for financing & advising small and medium businesses.

This strategy is in line with the Bank’s mission of being an active participant in national strategy by supporting this sector of the economy. BDB’s role in this context is especially significant given the growing size and contribution of this important segment to domestic economic activity.

SMEs are garnering special status and attention worldwide due to their comparative advantage relative to larger enterprises and projects.

Hence, facilitating SME’s development has positive impact on the development of the economy.

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Last Updated: 24 Dec 2018

Licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain as a Conventional Retail Bank

Last Updated: 04 Jun 2024

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