Rowad Funding

Rowad Funding supports the growth and development of innovative projects through equity & debt financing clubbed with advisory support services. The program supports projects that yield substantial economic, social & environmental benefits; giving priority to projects that have a strong impact on the economy such as high productivity, job creation, export capabilities, among others.

 Debt Financing Options: provided through BDB Banking Division which include: Loans, LG, Trade Finance Click here to learn more.

 Equity Funding Options: provided through the following:  Pre- Seed Grant (BHD 5,000 given by BDB in partnership with Tamkeen), Seed Fuel (BHD 25,000 investment at seed stage by Development Services at BDB), Equity Investment (BDB Investment Division), and through other network startup funds and venture capital entities.


Debt Financing

Special Grants

Equity Financing

Debt Financing is provided by the Bahrain Development Bank – Financial Services Division. Some of the products and services include:
  •  SMEs Islamic Finance*
  • Term Loan
  • Working Capital Loan
  • Composite Loan
  • Indirect Loan
  • Trade Finance
  • Educational Loan
  • Fisheries and Agricultural Finance
 Click here  to learn more

  • Innovation Scheme*
  • Feasibility Study Support Scheme*

  • Seed Fuel: Investment product of up to BHD 25,000 targeted at businesses in the seed stage
  • Equity Investment: Equity financing for large scale enterprises and businesses at advanced stages of the business cycle (growth and maturity) Click here to learn more about the venture capital investment
  • Access to Investment: Rowad Funding provides opportunities through its network of venture capital firms and angel investors
  • Tenmou: Tenmou is an Angel Investment Network which provides mentorship and capital to high-potential, innovative Bahraini entrepreneurs from the seed stage

*In Partnership with Tamkeen

2.4.1 Seed Fuel:

Seed Fuel is an equity financing scheme for innovative entrepreneurs at early stages of the business cycle. Seed Fuel is designed to help entrepreneurs enhance their business capabilities, develop their products and services, start commercialization and build their customer profile. The purpose of Seed Fuel is to help entrepreneurs gain the initial market traction they need to validate their business model and scale towards advanced stages of the business cycle

The scheme:

Seed Fuel invests up to BHD 25,000 into Bahraini innovative projects at theearly stages of the business cycle (Pre-Seed, Seed, early Startup).Seed Fuel is an equity financing product where BDB becomes a partner in the business by purchasing shares.

 Eligibility Criteria:

  •  Committed individuals with an innovative and/or unique business idea
  • Business should be at an early stage of the business cycle (pre-seed, seed, early start-up)
  • Bahraini entrepreneurs or joint proposals with at least 51% Bahraini ownership

2.4.2 Innovation Scheme “Bring your ideas to life”

Coming Soon!

2.4.3 Feasibility Study Support Scheme

BDB in partnership with Tamkeen bring together the Feasibility Study Support Scheme to encourage entrepreneurs and enterprises in adopting a professional approach through the implementation of a feasibility study as a support tool when considering a new project, expansion of existing enterprises, or introducing new element to their business.

The scheme:

The scheme provides monetary support to conduct a feasibility study via an independent professional consultancy firm.

The financial support is intended to contribute towards partial amount (50%) or a maximum of BHD 5,000 (whichever is less).

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Business must be established, or to be established, in Bahrain
  • Business must be owned, or majority owned, by Bahrainis
  • The consultancy firm must be accepted by the scheme’s joint committee

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